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Radiometrix Ltd.


Radiometrix Ltd. is pioneer of low power radio company since 1985. Based in the UK, Radiometrix is recognised as the leading global developer of ISM Band/ SRD FM low power radio modules. The company manufacture and design high-quality and cost-effective VHF and UHF radio modules that cater for the wireless needs of OEMs worldwide. Productions are available on all major frequencies (151, 169, 173, 433, 458, 868 & 914 MHz), we offer a wide variety of modules to suit a diverse range of licence-exempt and licenced applications.


Sena Technologies

SENA Technologies is a leading manufacturer of Device Server product line that includes external,embedded,wireless and industrial device servers and Industrial Bluetooth product line that includes Bluetooth serial adapters,Bluetooth serial modules and Bluetooth Access Points for device networking solution in the areas of IT/Telco, retail/POS, industrial automation, building automation, and medical automation. SENA markets its products through a global network of distributors and resellers, systems integrators and original equipment manufacturers (OEMs).
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