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About Itronica

Itronica Inc., based in Toronto is Canada's one-stop low power data-link solution provider. Our expertise lies in providing high quality data link solutions to OEMs incorporating a wide variety of low power radio modules in their products. We distribute a range of products from Radiometrix Ltd. Radiometrix specializes in the design and manufacture of low power radio modules for rapid implementation of high-reliability, cable-free data links. Radiometrix is the industry's leading developer of off-the-shelf, license-exempt miniature radio modules. OEMs worldwide use Radiometrix's UHF and VHF transmitters, receivers, transceivers and radio packet controllers in applications ranging from EPOS networking, security, and remote control to environmental monitoring and automotive electronics. With the help of our partners we provide comprehensive technical support to assist you in bringing your wireless technology based products to market with reduced developmental time.


Prices and Availability


For the most current pricing information, product availability, and delivery times, please contact our sales department. For volume orders prices are discounted. Our knowledgeable and helpful sales staff will be pleased to help you with your inquiries.


Contact by Mail


Itronica Inc
41 Dunvegan Crescent

Brampton, Ontario L7A2Y2


Contact by E-Mail


Sales: sales@itronica.com


Telephone: (416) 855-2106
Facsimile: (416) 855-2105


Payment Methods


Payments to Itronica can be made in Canadian Dollars (CAD). Initial orders must be accompanied by a cheque or bank money order made payable to Itronica Inc. Cash/Cheque on delivery is also available on certain circumstances. Proforma invoices are available on request from sales@itronica.com.


Production Term and Conditions


The instrastat commodity code for Radiometrix modules is 8542 4090.  The purchaser must satisfy all relevant EMC and radio regulations which applies to their finished product.  These modules transmit and/or receive radio signals and may not function as intended if interference is present.  Neither Radiometrix nor Itronica (we) assume any responsibility for errors or any liability arising from the application or use of any Radiometrix¨s sub-assemblies, including fitness for any particular application.  We shall not be liable for incidental or consequential damage or commercial loss, nor any other loss or damage.  Shortages are to be notified within 14 days of receipt of goods.  Invoice queries must be raised within 14 days of receipt of invoice.  Reject or damaged goods to be notified within 60 days.  Tampering with goods in any form invalidates the replacement warranty.  All goods and trade remain the property of Itronica until paid for in full.  Unless previously agreed in writing the above and our standard terms and conditions of sale are binding and take precedence over those of the purchaser.  Placing an order is considered acceptance of our terms. 

Our Commitment to Quality


Itronica's business is built around quality management concepts, incorporating rigorous processes and robust project management controls and techniques that ensure the delivery of highest quality results to our clients. Commitment to quality processes is practiced and demonstrated at all levels within the organization.

Our quality is assured by understanding and developing solutions to meet customer quality expectations



Find below PDF download file Type Certificates Type Certificates Standard:

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1. EN 300 220-1 VI.2.1 (1997-11). EUROPEAN STANDARD (Telecommunication series).


3. FCC-231e.


5. CE Certificates


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